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SecureRide™ Tail Light Alarm

SecureRide™ Tail Light Alarm

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☑️ Wind & Water Repellent

☑️ Improved Grip - No Slipping

☑️ Touch-Sensitive Technology

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The sophisticated 5-in-1 tail light with a built-in alarm, bicyclists can rest easy knowing their bikes are safe and secure at last!

In the event of attempted theft, BikeSentry™ sets off a blaring alarm to deter the bike thief. Experience the joys of having access to a security tool that effectively prevents theft and saves precious money and heartaches in the process.


ANTI-THEFT ALARM: With security in mind, SecureRide™ features a built-in vibration sensor and a 110dB siren alarm. It deters bike thieves from committing the crime and alerts nearby people of the theft attempt.

ULTRA-BRIGHT DESIGN: SecureRide™ features 31 LEDs with 6 different light modes that are visible up to 150 ft away. This phenomenal perk ensures a bike can be seen in foggy/rainy conditions or even in the dead of night.

AUTO BRAKE LIGHT: The high-tech device senses braking and puts off a brake light on the tail end of the bicycle. SecureRide™ effectively prevents most car-bike-related accidents by letting drivers know when braking is occurring.

TURN SIGNALS: SecureRide™ includes a wireless remote control device that is used for turn signals. This incredible feature ensures bicyclists are safe from harm while on the roads.

WEATHERPROOF: Designed to be durable with high and low-temperature resistance, waterproof, and windproof. Ride with confidence, knowing SecureRide™'s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

USB RECHARGEABLE: Enjoy the convenience of recharging SecureRide™ anywhere via a USB cable. When fully charged, it lasts up to 70 hours of continuous usage.


1) Press the lock button for a beep sound
2) Wait 3 seconds for another beep sound
3) SecureRide™ alarm is now armed


Anti-theft Vibration Alarm: 7 adjustable sensitivity
Loud 110dB Bike Horn: 3 different tones
Tail Light Battery: 3.7v lithium battery
Tail Light Battery Life: Up to 70 hours
Bike Tail Light: 6 light modes
Max Light Output: 160 lumens
Number of LEDs: 31
Waterproof: IP65 Waterproof
Weight: 0.64 lbs (0.29 kg)


(1) x SecureRide™ Tail Light Alarm
(1) x Tail Light Mount
(1) x Wireless Remote
(1) x Remote Mount
(1) x Charging Cable
(1) x User Manual
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Can the gloves withstand rain?

Our gloves are water resistant, but not waterproof. That is, you can wear them in rainy weather, but they cannot withstand water pressure permanently.

Up to how much °F are the gloves suitable?

We recommend our gloves up to around 14°F, as everyone has a different perception of cold.

For which sports are the gloves suitable?

Our gloves are ideally suited for cycling, running, playing soccer but also for all other outdoor sports.

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The glove does not fit me, what can I do?

No problem, just email our customer support at and we will find a customer-friendly solution.